Songs of Ruinous Anger

The ordered and disordered thoughts of D. George. A collection of things that amuse, move, inspire and irritate, and of course a number that manage to infuriate. All writings and poetry on this blog are mine, except where credit is given to someone else. I do not own the pictures on this blog except those that look profoundly amateurish and/or contain descriptions pointing to my taking them (such as location and time).

  1. September 3, 2014
  2. September 3, 2014

    The Fateful Things

    Reading biographies invariably leaves me wondering and searching for those traces I imagine can be found in the subject’s childhood and early youth that bear some indication of the person he would ultimately become. It is a near mystery regarding just what it is that parts the great from the common, the exceptional from the typical. Solving this partial riddle thus becomes the duty of the study and examination of these early lives. 

    It can perhaps be safely assumed that a certain strength of personality is called for in the rise of men. The quiet and mild, timid and shy do not get to crack through history’s barriers of concealment. So, in plenty a celebrated or reviled figure can be detected a stubborn and bullish nature. Often, a precociousness is also to be found in the early chapters of a biographical volume. Some brilliant personages have risen from depths of the mediocre - Einstein immediately coming to mind, but this is not a reliable pattern.

    This development does not necessarily have to be an intellectual or scholarly one, just a mere mental maturity that soon has the lad commanding his peers or engaging in confrontations of varying sorts with his elders. It is reported by Jon Lee Anderson that Ernesto “Che” Guevara was one to discuss the politics of a volatile Argentina with his father at a tender age, while devouring the kind of philosophy and French literature that no doubt flew over the heads of the rest of the town’s adult population.

    Here again, the will has to be steely. Near stubborn and atrocious to the sensibilities of one’s parents. An opposition to the father is a frequent obligation. A proximity to mother is usual, or being orphaned by her death made a terrible rite of passage. One must almost always be either too close or much distant from those who begot him; molded by an intimacy with or resistance to them, or formed in the crucible of their abandonment and the independence that mounts from that condition. These are but a few of the fateful things. 

  3. September 2, 2014


    The air grips me with a
    damp embrace,
    A state it sends me that
    does enrage,
    Open the windows, let
    me jump to sea,
    Such is the only respite
    that will set me free.

  4. September 2, 2014

    The Dejected

    Villa Miseria, where we walked
    along sidewalks
    Choral orchestrating the air
    with our wild talks,
    The neighbors and their oddities
    displayed before us
    Their conditions compared to
    ours were far worse,
    The coup erupted in convulsions
    of bomb blasts
    Peace overthrown proved that
    naught lasts,
    Come fascism and corporatism
    in calm tones
    Hijacking our pastoral moods
    in war zones,
    Father a liberal, mother quite
    The autocrat a papist, this
    medley hysterical,
    In these plains we lost minds
    and found guns
    Aboard a guerrilla chase of
    new dawns.

  5. September 1, 2014

    "Looking back, that is if we have not gone the way of dinosaurs on account of a nuclear reaction, we might agree that this was the time a different sort of democracy took hold and brought us to riotous ruin. This was the age of the self-made, when talent counted for less each day, and one could erect herself into the pose of a demigod by mere and vigilant self-promotion, and other displays of vanity. When actors fancied themselves models and the professional image-takers were pushed to the margins of a world that was paradoxically expanding. When the red carpet grew into a tiring and tiresome year-long extravaganza in which actresses and songstresses contorted themselves into the angles of an editorial shoot, making of themselves some hideous and laughable construct of the errors of pretension. When in all of this ascension of the talentless, a decline was also well underway, buoyed and propelled by the masses’ fascination with the gross and vulgar. He who proved himself most adept at this twosome could scale the heights and render himself a subject of popular conversation. She who made public the intimacies of her person could project and propel herself into celebrity. Soon, there was no such thing as shame, and where the criminal code itself once served a purpose to society, the acceptance of all things arranged a devolution of man."

  6. September 1, 2014
  7. September 1, 2014

    The Romanov Sisters

    How like angels now they look
    Through the vintage imagery,
    Blooming smiles and poses they took
    Wiped away by savagery,

    Olga royal in her gait
    Tatiana shone like clear sky,
    Maria sublime and blind to fate
    Anastasia knew not how they’d die,

    Princes could not save them
    Gallant dukes felled by the gun,
    Their world bled its brave men
    Left so dark by a fleeing sun.

  8. September 1, 2014

    Tourism Board

    Are you an American who fancies himself a politically adventurous tourist? Do you like visiting countries still held by the lingering chains of authoritarianism? Do you like your exotic locale breezing in the whiff of dictatorship? Well, you need not worry. If Paris and Rome simply won’t do, or Peru and Tanzania are not exciting enough, there just might be a place still reeling from the totalitarian. Located in south-east Asia, Burma - now Myanmar, still reverberates with the beats of military regime. It echoes in the hums of autocracy. You might enjoy not being able to exercise free speech, and do keep yourself from uttering the R-word. The Rohingya have been denied their rights to self-identification and mere citizenship. To even mention their name in public is to come into confrontation with state authorities. This is just one instance of the strong-man environment you might desire if you are one such tourist. So, here is an option to keep you away from journeying to North Korea and being turned into a slave.

    Paid for by People Who Are Sick And Tired Of Seeing Idiotic Americans Travel To North Korea Only To Be Locked Up There And Distress Their Families And An Entire Nation. This cable channel does not endorse any of this and maintains strict neutrality in the airing of commercials.

  9. September 1, 2014

    "To tell you the truth, I never got the point of ‘nudes’. Not once have I pleaded with a girlfriend to send me some. Not particularly interested in that sort of correspondence. For one, I’d much sooner have the real thing in all its tactile wonderment. Second, what use is it to be aroused by the sight only to be left bereft of everything else? But these are mere difficulties from the male perspective as I see them. On the more crucial end, safely keeping such photos is a strenuous if not outright impossible task. And doing so on your phone or computer is positively hazardous. ‘Cloud’ is a cyber landscape, and on that new frontier, nothing stays secret for long. Hackers are the new soldiers, you could even say “mercenaries”, and on their charge, governments have been targeted and mere citizens left with no course for security. Idealists, especially those of the feminist sort, presently roam the web pontificating to captive and hostage audiences alike, that the young starlets just assaulted by a wicked insurgent of the cyber kind are not to be blamed for their current plight. How right they are, but unfortunately realpolitik has a way of upending lofty ideas. In this age of the internet, computers are stolen into, their contents spilled for commercial purposes or mere callous injury to the target. We are now inhabiting a time when the lines parting the public from the private sphere are growing ever slimmer, meeting at some points and wholly absent in others. Part of this is the doing of private citizens themselves, but much of it a simple result of the Wild West of the online hinterland. Privacy for now, appears an extinct principle, for there are forces in ever-constant operation undermining and making a profound joke of it."

  10. September 1, 2014


    Men hung above their
    own ruin, brought
    to this state by an emptiness,
    Or was it a pain, a crucible
    a roaring despair, that
    hungered and lusted for the
    particles of life?
    A pound of flesh, some pint
    of blood, I knew not
    how grim this mind could be,
    A carnival of itself parodying
    the worst excesses, gorging on
    its own gaunt frame,
    Life is a vampiric thing,
    the dangling man
    made of his closet a Golgotha.