Songs of Ruinous Anger

The ordered and disordered thoughts of D. George. A collection of things that amuse, move, inspire and irritate, and of course a number that manage to infuriate. All writings and poetry on this blog are mine, except where credit is given to someone else. I do not own the pictures on this blog except those that look profoundly amateurish and/or contain descriptions pointing to my taking them (such as location and time).

  1. April 15, 2014


    In a world so arranged,
    It’ll only take one fool
    to set off a god-
    damned war,
    So I await by the TV for
    the dreaded warning
    A wine and my baby,
    nothing more.

  2. April 15, 2014
  3. April 15, 2014

    The Movement

    In the making of dreams - salvational
    there was the doing of sins - confessional,
    A string of terrors - infallible
    amidst doubts - susceptible,
    As men voyaged through time - transitional.

  4. April 15, 2014

    The Sixth Day of Creation

    They sought about to
    change a world
    Loose its chains
    a tyrant unfurl,
    Forgot to study the
    cataloged past
    To see just how the
    victors last,
    Such negligence had
    a fateful end
    History unlearned
    did a tragic bend,
    The rebels lined beneath
    the hangman’s noose
    Intellectuals’ necks snapped
    like a feast day goose.

  5. April 15, 2014

    The Ruined House

    I chanced upon a crumbling house
    It’s door already gone with breeze
    And window sill manned by a mouse,

    I wondered what misfortune seized
    Those people who once did dwell
    Causing their name to fall to knees,

    What madness did ring that door’s bell
    Casting that lot to the cold grey Earth
    And left no clue of which to tell,

    I pray to know what disaster birthed.

  6. April 15, 2014

    Victorian Sci-Fi

    When I plunged into
    the blue sea to commune
    with mermaids
    I bore the oxygen tank,
    mask and accoutrement
    of a deep sea diver,
    For I was a foreigner in
    these parts, an awe-struck
    guest not belonging.

  7. April 14, 2014
  8. April 14, 2014


    Memory spoke in muted tones
    false histories claimed my mind,
    They held me up like solid bones
    I knew not truth but its differing kind,
    My life a fiction of varying dreams
    I conjure pasts like magic tricks,
    And know not how the strangeness seems
    Or why it is that me it picks.

  9. April 14, 2014

    After Hamlet’s Query

    Am I the coming together
    of imagination?
    An anthropomorphism
    of your immortality?
    The continuation of a
    biological and familial
    A droplet of blood and
    desire into the chalice
    of progeny?
    Whispers of old maids’
    chants into the sky
    of young girls’ ears?
    The seeds of ripened
    rascals that survived the
    disposing of wild oats?
    A further step into the
    future of our making
    and undoing?
    What am I in this infinite
    voyage of evolutionary
    I feel at once whole
    and incomplete,
    A character wandering
    the page’s edge, half in
    mind to ditch the tome.

  10. April 13, 2014


    Conceived in love
    birthed in pain,
    Soar like a dove
    fall like rain.