Songs of Ruinous Anger

The ordered and disordered thoughts of D. George. A collection of things that amuse, move, inspire and irritate, and of course a number that manage to infuriate. All writings and poetry on this blog are mine, except where credit is given to someone else. I do not own the pictures on this blog except those that look profoundly amateurish and/or contain descriptions pointing to my taking them (such as location and time).

  1. August 28, 2014


    There she goes - balaclava draped
    toting a Kalashnikov,
    Red book in back pocket, the
    chants of clerics folded in
    musical notes beneath
    her faded jacket,
    Angry heart, warm blooded, she
    is guerrilla-chic in the mien
    of an insurgent,
    She speaks in code tongues and
    laments in the patois of the dissident,
    Quoting poetry in the hums
    of an extinct orchestra,
    Kafka the dead, Dostoevsky the
    guiding angel beneath the
    homily of the nihilist,
    She is forgotten memories
    resurrected in the
    histories of the Maghreb,
    The Sahel rose and hiccuped an
    independence struggle,
    The Tropics inhaled the gust and
    banana republics lost their fruit.

  2. August 28, 2014


    What happens to a world
    bereft of answers,
    Conditions of such woe
    there is no escape,
    Circumstances bearing a
    nature that will not yield,
    We drive towards a future
    glowing in gloom,
    A hereafter whose contours
    can already be seen,
    It twists and shapes into
    assumptions of dread,
    What is to be when the days
    to come appear fearsome?

  3. August 27, 2014
  4. August 27, 2014

    The Life of Nations

    To start, a people are rough and poor
    Decide then they do to gain much more,
    Efforts birth industry
    Wealth brings frivol’ty,
    Plump, decayed, they soon hit the floor.

  5. August 26, 2014

    To Endure

    Celine was a star,
    Dead to the rhythms
    of the actual
    Though persisting in the
    waves of perception,
    She proved to be light,
    traveling in space and
    surviving time,
    She was gone, but this
    I knew not,
    For she continued to
    burn, and she glowed
    in the fury of particles
    and exploding energy,
    I spoke to her ghost
    believing she was real.

  6. August 26, 2014

    Bullet Points

    • At present, much talk swirls around the hallways, conference rooms and meditation chambers of foreign policy circles, proposing that an earlier support of Syrian rebels would have toppled the Bashar Assad regime by now and the ghoulish ISIS would not have come into the existence of its ongoing form. This mere supposition has grown into a belief and is now treated as fact, even though there is scant evidence from circumstances of yore, conditions that still prevail, and the record of history that suggests an American sponsorship of Syrian opposition forces would have rendered unto the world a different and far better Syria than the one currently serving as a wind turbine of disaster for the Middle East and the world. The Free Syrian Army was always an organization that existed in theory, position papers and fund-raising requests than it did in fact or in practice. The groups that formed it were loose in their affiliation with each other, switched allegiances with disturbing regularity, fought each other on occasion, and a considerable number were Islamist in ideology. If the United States was to have concerned itself with only those factions that were secular in their politics, it would have had barely a small fighting force with which to defeat Assad’s military. In addition, the Syrian army was equipped with an air force. For that challenge to have been adequately matched and surpassed, the U.S. Air Force itself might have proven the only serious answer. Who was willing to get so involved? Surface-to-air missiles, you say? Well, pro-separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine have already taught us all the charms of such an arrangement. To insist that the United States arm this relatively small band might be to forget the lessons of the Mujahideen that threw out the Soviets in Afghanistan, yet still managed to birth Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. The secular elements of the Syrian opposition were always going to face Islamist rivals who saw in Syria an opportunity. Furthermore, there is little to no evidence that foreign interferences in civil wars improve matters. The Washington Post reported that according to the academic literature on the subject, “External support for rebels almost always makes wars longer, bloodier and harder to resolve.” In Syria, external forces exerting themselves on the conflict long included Russia, Iran and Hezbollah (on the side of the regime); and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the Emirates (in support of the opposition). This woeful arrangement was only bound to be made worse by an American presence. Those who wield power must understand that the first rule of utmost critical importance is that there are limits. Syria presented the textbook case of this. There was nothing the United States could have done there to better that country’s lot. The most that could have been offered by way of effort was to keep others from funneling money and weapons into an already hot cauldron.
    • It was yesterday that I read one of the most depressing and demoralizing news articles I have come across in a while. In fact, it was two of them, though they dealt with the same subject matter - the rise of Al Sharpton into respectable society. Politico did a profile of the man, and during an interview with him, the reverend (which goes to show just how ridiculous that title is) made some rather revealing comments that show he in in this for himself; the same way Sarah Palin played all those supporters for the fools they are, cashed in, and returned to her home base richer than she ever dreamed of being. “I never aspired to the local political fiefdom thing that a lot of people ascribed me to,” he said. “I saw myself as a guy who learned from Jesse Jackson how to do national civil rights. I wasn’t really interested in who was going to be the next district leader in Brooklyn. My ambitions were always a lot bigger than what my critics thought my ability was.” The steps to take, as he saw them were, “The Saturday rallies … get your own TV show … have a national organization.” If this does not prove that it is all a business enterprise for him perhaps nothing will. Even more depressing is the fact that not only has he gone on to win a contract with a cable news network, but he is described by Politico and the New York Times as the White House’s premier man on civil rights issues, and he is in regular contact with presidential adviser, Valerie Jarrett. Sharpton is a guest at White House Superbowl parties, and even the first lady’s birthday bash. I recognize people can overcome the nastiness and near-crimes of their past, but a line ought to be drawn for those men who used to rouse mobs and drive them to such passions that people ended up dead. Not to mention, to this day, it is obvious that he is a fraud and a charlatan; but he’s marrying of alleged activism with political commentary, while also serving as White House mercenary on occasion, has yet to give his employers at NBC cause for a rectification.
    • It should be said that the demoralizing articles actually did number three in total. The third concerned itself with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the republic’s premier pro-Israel lobby, and one of the most potent forces to be found in the nation’s capital. AIPAC has long seduced Democrats and Republicans alike, unlike the gun lobby and the unions that take partisan sides. This might seem charming enough, except that it isn’t. AIPAC goes after uncooperative House and Senate members, causing severe fear in their hearts and corrupting their political instincts. The peoples’ representatives in Congress have now adopted the habit of asking, What would AIPAC do? before casting a vote related to Middle Eastern affairs. The lines are blurred between an American lobbyist group and a foreign government, with AIPAC maintaining ties too close to the Israeli government, and frequently inserting itself into the designs of US foreign policy in support of another country. Retired congressional representatives have gone on to criticize AIPAC, no doubt resentful of their former cowardice in the face of the group. This means those who tow the AIPAC line out of fear actually do harbor bitter feelings towards the lobby’s aims, and this cannot ultimately be to Israel’s benefit. Also, though AIPAC still enjoys almost unanimous faithfulness amongst members of Congress, younger Americans, and a growing number of Jews are disturbed by its practices. None of this can be good for it, though perhaps a blessing to our democratic process.
  7. August 26, 2014

    Post-Modernist Romantic

    I was the moody bard of Lyon,
    Tucked between the arguments of
    euphoria and melancholia,
    Settled upon the shores of
    their compromise,
    Wine bottle in one hand, baguette
    in the other,
    I prowled the dusk-covered roads
    of the old city,
    Seducer of cheese merchants, father
    to ten bastard children,
    Poet of the damned, lyricist of the
    explosively alive,
    Damnation denied us, Paradise
    would not take us,
    We are of the Earth, corrupted by
    food and love.

  8. August 26, 2014
  9. August 26, 2014

    Two Lovers

    The passion is a fire
    and the flames are alive,
    Burning us to despair
    but in our own way we’ll survive.

  10. August 24, 2014

    "It seems evident to me that there is a difference between a person trolling for the singular purpose of causing offense to others, and one who earnestly disagrees with the prevailing winds of wisdom and seeks to stand athwart them. The former is by all means a narcissist and the latter, granted he does exercise a great measure of self-examination, is a rather serious figure. After all, any journey towards critique has to first begin with the self, so given our aforementioned latter commences with himself and returns to that subject on occasion, his examination of others and their circumstances ought not be treated with contempt, or his personage accused of conceit or some other terrible insult. I hope to consider myself a topic fit for criticism and wish to be the first invader storming those walls. In these times we presently inhabit, criticism is thought of as a dark art, and the province of bitter hearts. To make a critique these days is to be accused of vile emotions by the self righteous who assume their allegiance to consensus and a strength in numbers renders them correct. Well, some of us might hold contrarian views in stark opposition with the majority, and to these principles we will hold firm. To rail against the masses is not a confession of bitterness or some revelation of hatred, but an utmost duty of the democratic principle. Often, many grow casual in the governing fashions, adopting them without question; only for someone to come along with a differing perspective and he is immediately jumped by the zombie army. One though must not shy from such confrontations if it means living a life of his own in which he gets to think for himself. This is the meaning of freedom."