Songs of Ruinous Anger

The ordered and disordered thoughts of D. George. A collection of things that amuse, move, inspire and irritate, and of course a number that manage to infuriate. All writings and poetry on this blog are mine, except where credit is given to someone else. I do not own the pictures on this blog except those that look profoundly amateurish and/or contain descriptions pointing to my taking them (such as location and time).

  1. July 26, 2014

    The Idiot Prince

    I stitched a necklace out of the
    beads of an absurdity,
    Gave it to the duke and he wore
    the chain with a pomposity.

  2. July 26, 2014
  3. July 26, 2014

    "During the days of the Soviet Union this joke was in some circulation: Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism it is just the opposite."

  4. July 25, 2014


    From the realm of nothingness I
    was roused into a state of being,
    The nebulous make of my station
    of one with the clouds that must
    have greeted the dawn of time,
    The shrouds of space, veiled in
    the mysteries of the unknown,
    For nothing had yet existed save
    that singular form of matter,
    In this cradle of promise, summoning
    the material, I was nourished by the
    chords binding mother and child,
    Unborn but nonetheless schooled
    in the principles of dependence and
    the protections against peril,
    The sun shone, light streaming
    its way through the pores of skin
    and into the chamber of my growth
    where it scattered upon my person,
    So began my embrace of small
    principles and in observation I gathered
    together the dust of stars,
    My world was an ocean, moving about
    a much grander plain of earth and air,
    And in these convergences of elements
    I had no fate but to breathe fire,
    Upon the hour I stroked the walls of
    my shrinking chamber and set upon my
    hostess the convulsions of an earthquake,
    How she screamed as I grew into the
    nature of a parasite, that thing bringing
    destruction and torment from within,
    Her kind aided her in her torment, and
    in this rescue I was pulled from the
    blackness in a fit of passion and science,
    Into some light did I emerge, and
    made the symphony of a howl.

  5. July 25, 2014

    Bullet Points

    • I find it defeatist that Western Europe, in contemplating how best to confront Russia if at all, understands the matter through the perspective of how costly it would be to its economies. This seems to negate the fact that Russia needs the continent too, and would suffer just as high a cost should devastating sanctions be designed into a strict regime. Indeed, I submit that Russia has the steeper price to pay should matters grow worse. Putin oversees what is largely a petro-economy, Russia bearing an over-reliance on its export of energy. Let that be a lesson on the import of diversifying the national commercial portfolio. I would recommend the members of the European Union get their gas from the Saudis or elsewhere, but I imagine they fuss over the Russians on account of handsome and attractive discounts. But this should give Russia greater reason to panic, and not the other way around. The simplest juvenile games that rely on human psychology demand that to be victorious, one not reveal his anxieties through the look on his face. By this count, the EU would make for a useless poker player. It has already made known the nature of its deck of cards. This show of fear has in turn, only emboldened Putin and those who constitute the Kremlin.
    • I have yet to find what the protocols for dealing with the police are when they ask to search your bag at a public setting. Yesterday, as I joined a small crowd in entering the subway station, I saw ahead, leaning against a corner wall, three officers with a table fixed in front of them. Suddenly, they summoned over a young man next to me who looked conspicuously Arab, and one of them actually said, “We’re just randomly picking people out to check their bags.” Sure. The one guy who looked like he was from the Middle East, wearing a beard and all, and that is random? I thought I recalled a constitutional law professor saying one had the right and liberty to refuse such a search without a warrant, but my lack of any certainty caused me to quickly log online and see if I could find the proper answer. One one hand, all sorts of conflicting information exists online, and some sites, fine though they may appear are possibly the creation of a cloaked and strange figure who cannot be trusted. The large consensus though seemed to settle on what is perhaps most important and obvious, though likely to be overlooked in the heat of the moment - do not physically resist and mind your words (after all anything you say can and will be used against you). A seemingly reputable source advised that if you do not consent to being searched, you must say just that, “I do not consent to this search.” That might not stop the police from proceeding, but at least you stated your mind, and surely did not utter anything self-incriminating. A learned friend who I queried on the matter told me you could refuse to have your bags searched at the subway, but by normal practice, you will be told you cannot board a train. I have yet to confirm this, but if so, I suppose I would simply walk to another subway station and catch a train from there. These are crucial matters for me, as I do not consent to the national security state, or such intrusions into the private sphere by the police (a bunch that seems to be growing increasingly menacing and thuggish).
    • I don’t see why we all have to be more upset about Ray Rice assaulting his fiancee, than she seems to be about the horrid affair. He allegedly roughed her up so badly she ended up unconscious, and a hotel’s security camera even captured him rolling her limp body as though it was wet cloth. Whatever the case, she ended up marrying the man, and in a press conference in which husband and wife held court, stated she had forgiven him and he was presently proving himself to her. The NFL, in some response to one of its stars brutalizing a woman on camera, suspended the goon for two games, and this has excited some people into a state of heavy critique. I find it all perfectly nauseating, but if the woman he assaulted in the manner he did would go on with the whole business of actually marrying him, she clearly does not appear to find him impeachable. As was my response to the pop-star Rihanna returning to the man who turned her face into pulp, why should I care? This is not some default position. In some instances, women, especially the poor and alienated from the larger society, have very little recourse but to return to their abuser, for lack of family or financial capacity. This is of course very sad, and one can immediately understand what motivates their choice - in fact it is not a choice when one has no other option. However, the now-Mrs. Rice is not such a tragic and indigent figure, so she has no excuse here, hence my complete lack of any sympathy.
    • I find it slightly weird that Israel and Hamas can agree to a 12-hour truce for humanitarian reasons, but not a total end to hostilities for the remainder of the calendar and indeed subsequent calendars. The brief lull almost makes the whole war enterprise a rather bizarre spectacle.
    • Walking towards Time Square late this afternoon, I saw barricades set up and those boys in blue wandering about, and guessed something was up. Ahead, in the distance of a block or two, I made out flapping flags I immediately recognized to be Palestinian, and the microphone-enhanced voice of a chant moderator. I walked towards the gathering, and though I am sympathetic to the Palestinian cause (minus Hamas), I found it distasteful to see quite a number of people holding up posters that compared Emmett Till to the recently murdered Palestinian boy, and bore an equality sign between the terms Israel and the Ku Klux Klan. This sort of display hardly wins over converts, and tends towards the absurd. Palestine has legitimate grievances, its people having been systematically forced out of their former cities and territories, and increasingly squeezed into a dense and now battered community. Not to mention, their movements under surveillance, and in fact choreographed and determined by Israeli forces. This is no way to live a life of dignity, and it is no surprise that a people will rise against just such an imposition. However, Israel is not the Ku Klux Klan, and to make this suggestion is to make a terrible mockery of serious matters regarding justice and human rights.
  6. July 24, 2014

    A Small Note

    If the death penalty was indeed a deterrent against capital crimes, those states that employ it would no longer be doing so. Often, these states can be described as possessing a conservative bent, and it is in those very quarters that one can be endlessly lectured about the dangers of big government. Yes, it is rough business for the state to intrude upon your free enterprise; yes, it is rough business for the state to intrude upon your earnings to the extent it does; but it is altogether another sort of coercion for it to kill you. This is what they seem to not get.

    In addition to the matter of innocent persons being put to death by the state - a risk that can be thought of as considerable on account of the sheer number of wrongly convicted people finally granted justice over the years - there is the logistical matter of procedure in this practice of state murder. Even when it goes as well as it can possibly go, given the natural barbarism of it all, it is nonetheless a step by step process of annihilating a life; and for that, those in attendance can have no calm of heart.

    When it does go wrong, taking a fearful and horrific turn, it is the bringing together of torture and cold murder. The past few months have offered one too many instances of this, but we were to be granted another exhibition in this spectacle of criminal justice in the U.S. of A. In Arizona, an execution was to last 2 ghastly hours, with a convicted man gasping for air amidst the suffocation, pain and torture being racked upon his body. A Saudi beheading or a Gambian hanging would have been far swifter and less agonizing. This, in liberty’s land.

  7. July 24, 2014
  8. July 24, 2014


    Damn ram rammed Sam,
    Bam, bam, Sam’s ham,
    Damn man ran, ran,
    Sam did try to lam,
    But that ram rammed Sam.

  9. July 24, 2014

    "Implicit in the possession of nuclear weapons is the willingness, and indeed readiness to launch them. Since we know the consequence of just such an exercise, only one concern shouts back at us: What could be more foolish and self-annihilating than that? This is why deterrence never did make sense and never will, despite the bottomless pit of position papers, foreign policy arguments and political speeches that sought to confer credibility upon it as sensible strategy. Put simply, deterrence is a mechanism that endures solely for the cataclysmic, proposing that there exists the will to use these civilization-altering weapons, and in turn, it is the validity of this threat that will keep one’s opponents in check. All the while, on the other side, enemies posit the same argument. In time, the weapons point ever more towards each other and this stalemate is named peace. Then, to take this further, under this stress and strain, as is wont to happen with fingers stationed upon triggers, accidents can occur; and this serves as the penultimate step towards human destruction, for a retaliation would be in order."

  10. July 24, 2014

    Bullet Points

    • Ted Cruz, that court-jester of a senator thrust upon our common consciousness all the way from Texas, is the sort of man who makes bold and ridiculous claims, or merely bizarre suppositions, and demands that others prove them untrue.
    • It is rather fascinating how Pat Buchanan in America and Peter Hitchens in England, always settle upon the same conclusion. Recently, their area of convergence has been on the matter of Russia and Ukraine, and despite increasing evidence against the Kremlim and the proxies it has unleashed upon eastern Ukraine, both men insist the bigger villains are everyone else. Hitchens has a deep dislike of the European Union, and his natural state seems to be one that allies itself with whomever the continent’s opposition happens to be. Buchanan at this point has defended Putin so many times, even drawing common cause with the Russian where the culture wars are concerned and hailing him “one of us” (in that Christian traditional sense), that he has but one choice now - to keep arguing on the man’s behalf.
    • I find that when I stumble upon a picture of humans and an animal in distress, my greater sympathy lies with the creature. I am surely no misanthrope, though one can’t help but flirt with that emotion on occasion - for I am offered much reason by unreasonable men to loathe the tendencies of society. Instead, the cause of their plights tend to be humans themselves, and I merely pity the collateral wreck animals are turned into. On a related note, as a child and long before I even understood the notion of animal rights, I heard of a poacher who had been trampled to gruesome death by an elephant. Even then, my immediate reaction was one of cheering on the giant.